Love: (noun) 

A deep, intense, and completely overwhelming feeling of true affection and adoration. This is our Love Letter to Cardiff.

Cardiff, We Love You.

Phoenix Rising

In early Persian text, the Simorg was depicted as a mixture of peacock, griffon and lion and symbolized the union of heaven and earth. Its feathers were known to heal deep wounds with no more than a touch, as well as purify the land and water, bringing fertility with medicine and rebirth. The Simorg was said to reside in the all-healing tree of knowledge.


Known as a benevolent, mythical bird in Persian mythology and often associated with the Greek mythological bird, called the Phoenix.



Nursing Homes

Happiness is not out there, it's in you. It is our dutiful obligation to recognise the power of sharing happiness for the better good of community. May we be it, may we nurture it, and may we share it.


Future Horizons

Princess Trust

We inspire and train 18 to 30 year olds to turn big ideas into a business strategies through the Enterprise programme. Working together to build business, community, and progress with young adults for brighter futures.

This is a Happiness Project

Born from the idea that a series of small actions can create big impact

Artist Application

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