The Beginning

We began our journey as Millennium Plaza, where Millennials from near and far came to party like it was 1999 (well it was actually 2001, but you get the point). Now if only we had an Instagram story to prove it.

The Middle

2011, we renamed the building to Stadium Plaza: Cardiff’s Leisure Quarter, because we don’t like to leave people out and wanted to create a space for the whole family to enjoy. In other words, an excuse for parents to keep an eye on their wild Millennials.

The Now

We are becoming the central hub for creativity and enterprise in Cardiff, creating new innovative concepts and activities that give back to the local community. This is our love letter to the residents of Cardiff. Developing a place where minds and spirits can be exercised and stories can be told.

Stories Are Reminders

Resistance- (noun)

Resistance is Futile. Evolve and Grow.

We believe in changing with the ever-growing needs of the people that use our space.

Fun Facts

Fact: 1/1


We are currently located in the exact space that used to be the Wales Empire Pool, which was the centrepiece for the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. It was demolished in 1998 in order to build our current building. Although we can no longer swim laps like Olympians, Stadium Plaza still sets the gold standard in everything we do.


150 years ago, Cardiff was at the centre of the coal explosion. The industry boomed and so too did the city. The population expanded, and the wealth attained from the coal boom propelled Cardiff into attaining “city status” (cha ching!).  It became a hallmark of progress and excitement.


FourSight sits in the ruins of Temperance Town. A working-class neighbourhood engulfed by the Temperance movement in the UK;  a movement sought to discourage the consumption of alcohol. Colonel Wood, was a teetotalism and purchased a once wasteland on the condition that bars and pubs be prohibited. Temperance Town was demolished in the 30's to make way for the Cardiff Bus Station, probably to provide people with a much needed cocktail!