Youth are our future and the city of Cardiff is filled with such a rich history.

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#Happinessproject for Nursing Homes

The rebirth or “naissance” of FourSight comes with the intent to be a love letter to the city. We want to start by building a space that will truly benefit the citizens of Cardiff. A space which is not only beautiful but functional. A space that can inspire: conversation, comradery and calm. A space that speaks to residents and a space that reflects its community.

Youth Learning From the Elderly

The youth are our future, however, the city of Cardiff is filled with such a rich history that can only be told through the stories of the elderly residents that live here.  We partnered with Prince’s Trust, an organization dedicated to supporting young adults in creating a successful life, to connect their students with residents at local nursing homes.  The goal is to bridge the gap between two generations and deliver a powerful message centered around the evolution of Cardiff.  The stories of the elderly connect the past and present to the future, and learning from them honors and respects their ancestors. These stories can awaken future generations to thrive and unlock their limitless potential.

The young adults will interview the elderly about their life and legacy, which will be documented and celebrated through a BBC documentary and photographic displays throughout our building.  We will provide training workshops for the students and staff at Stadium Plaza on the effective ways to communicate with people suffering from dementia.  Our hope is for each group to provide companionship and learn from one another while capturing the essence of the Cardiff community.

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